9. Activities and Groupings

Guiding Questions


  • Has the teacher selected activities that blend naturally with the story and enhance it?
  • Are the activities of high quality and motivating for the characters?
  • Are all activities directly related to goals, objectives, and concepts being taught?
  • Do the activities present realistic things the characters would do within the story?
  • Do the activities move the story along and are they a catalyst for the next episode?
  • Are the activities hands-on, collaborative, investigative and/or imaginative?
  • Do they incorporate visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic learning?
  • Do they arise from the affective as well as the cognitive domain?
  • Have important decisions on content of assignments been made by students?
  • Have teacher/students set criteria for quality work, with clear expectations for process and product (structure before activity)


  • Are a variety of student groupings are incorporated? (whole class, small groups, partners, individual)
  • Are process/product outcomes shared with the whole class?
  • Have students/teacher set behavior expectations for successful group work and for quality products?