Storyline Outlines

Storyline Outlines

1. Weslandia: A Storyline

by Colleen Vallerga

Based on the book, Weslandia, by Paul Fleischman

Grades 2-5

The story begins with Wesley, a boy who does not fit in and feels like an outcast.  He is bullied by his classmates and decides to escape the tormenting by creating his own civilization for his summer project.

As the teacher and students begin to explore the story, they observe Wesley’s magic garden come to life and create it in their classroom.  While the garden grows and Wesley begins to harvest his staple crop, the students step into the story as Wesley’s curious classmates.  They marvel at what Wesley is doing and decide to join in to help him establish his civilization. 

The classmates work with Wesley to create an economy, design a way to keep track of time, devise a numbering system, create games and musical instruments, and rename the constellations.  When challenges arise, the classmates help Wesley problem solve and find solutions. 

Finally, the classmates officially become fellow citizens of Weslandia.  Working together, the citizens create a written history of their new civilization and present it to others.

Wesley’s classmates recall what makes a civilization as they are challenged to create their own civilizations, reflecting who they are.  Students introduce their civilizations.

Total Number of Pages:  19

Curricular Focus Areas

     •Social Science:  Civics and Government,  Multicultural Studies,  Geography, Economics,  Historical Knowledge,                  Historical Thinking,  Social Science Analysis

     •Math: Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Number Operations in Base Ten

     •Science:  NGSS From Molecules to Organisms, Engineering Design, Earth’s Place in the Universe

     •Health: Promotion of Mental, Social and Emotional Health

     •Common Core Language Arts:  Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, Speaking  and Listening, Writing,             Language

     •Oregon Department of Education Arts: Theater, Visual Arts, Music

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2. The Red Bicycle: A Storyline

by Colleen Vallerga

Based on the book, The Red Bicycle, by Jude Isabella

Grades 1-5


Before the Storyline begins, students find an old bike, broken into parts, in their classroom.  They research and create an assembly plan to put the bike back together.  After students discuss possible ways to reuse the bike, the teacher begins to read the story piece by piece.

The story opens with Leo, and his new bike Big Red, sharing many adventures around their town.  The students enter the story as they become Leo’s friends, earn money for their own bikes, and work to become responsible bike owners.  Leo’s friends describe their biking adventures and the positive changes the bikes have made in their lives.

When Leo outgrows his bike, he decides to find a new home for Big Red in a place where he is really needed.  Leo’s friends explore the benefits of reuse and decide to donate their outgrown bikes also.

The donated bicycles travel to West Africa to begin a new life.  Each bike finds a new owner and a purpose in Africa.  Students create the new owners and describe the changes the bikes have made in their lives.  Students discover how one bicycle can transform the lives of many in an African village.

The Storyline culminates with a bike-a-thon to raise money for used bikes.  Students donate the bike they assembled, and the used bikes, to a place where they are needed.

Total Number of Pages:  21

Curricular Focus Areas

     •Social Science:  Multiculturalism, People, Places, and Environments, Global Awareness/

      Connections, Economics/Financial Literacy, Historical Knowledge, Historical Thinking,

      Social Science Analysis, Civics and Government,  Geography, Transportation

     •Math:  Money, Budgeting,  Number Operations in Base Ten

     •Science:  Motion and Stability, Forces and Interactions, Engineering Design, Earth and

      Human Activity, Reuse

     •Health:  Unintentional Injury Prevention, Promotion of Physical Activity              

     •Common Core Language Arts:  Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, Speaking

       and Listening, Writing, Language

     •Oregon Department of Education Arts: Theater, Visual Arts

Bend-La Pine Schools Newsletter    6/19

Our schools know – you’re never too young to make a positive difference in the world! First-graders at Highland Magnet School at Kenwood recently raised money to purchase 15 bicycles for the World Bicycle Relief Organization, which provides bikes for children and adults in Africa to help give them better access to school and opportunities. The students were inspired to take on this effort after reading The Red Bicycle by Jude Isabella as part of the school’s Storyline.

Thank you to teacher Becky Eriksson for sharing and spearheading this awesome effort … and thank you to all the students and families who participated!

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