4. Characters

Guiding Questions

  • Has the teacher selected one of the following types of characters to best fit the Storyline?
    1. fictitious characters that the students create and develop
    2. characters playing a defined role (students as themselves)
    3. multiple characters through which students view the story (book based study)
  • Do the characters fit naturally into the story and have a vital purpose?
  • Are they easy for students to identify with?
  • Do the characters enhance the story and bring it to life through active daily roles and meaningful activities?
  • Do the characters create a strong Storyline community?
  • Have students developed and expanded the story through the eyes of their character?
  • Do the characters explore the affective as well as the cognitive domain?
  • Do they develop and change as the story moves along?
  • Are characters developed and kept alive by students throughout the Storyline?
  • Have students gathered information about charactersʼ physical characteristics, clothing, occupations, etc. through research and detailed study?
  • Have teacher/students set criteria for quality work, with clear expectations for process and product? (structure !before activity)
  • Have biographies been written and characters introduced?
  • Have activities been included for characters to get to know each other?
  • Has a routine been established for getting in character?
  • Are opportunities provided for characters to develop as the story moves along?