10. Curriculum

Guiding Questions

  • Is the curriculum covered in a highly creative and meaningful way within the story?
  • Is the content organized using the story as the cement between curricular areas?
  • Have a full range of disciplines been brought together in the story for a full array of discipline-based perspectives?
  • Is there is a major curriculum focus that allows for an in-depth study?
  • Are minor curriculum focus areas included?
  • Are important key concepts identified?
  • Does the curriculum fit naturally in the story with logical connections?
  • Does it enrich and develop the story?
  • Are the following student outcomes incorporated?
    1. self-directed learner
    2. collaborative worker
    3. community contributor
    4. complex thinker
    5. quality producer
  • Is the curriculum grade-level appropriate?
  • Are the learning outcomes clearly stated and the content standards to be covered listed?