2. Episodes and Key Questions

Guiding Questions


  • Do coherent episodes frame the story structure? (setting, characters, daily rhythms/rules, incidents, and culmination)
  • Do they provide a logical progression and narrative sequence that learners can understand and embrace?
  • Do they keep the story moving and the learning rich?
  • Are they are a natural part of the story?

Key Questions

  • Are the key questions big and broad for a rich and wide array of student responses?
  • Are the key questions used to determine what students know and what they need to know?
  • Do they honor studentsʼ prior knowledge?
  • Do they support students in constructing their own models first?
  • Are the key questions motivating and meaningful?
  • Do the key questions support the story, providing a narrative thread throughout?
  • Do they allow students to effectively use their imaginations?
  • Do they encourage students to speculate, hypothesize, reflect, and ask further questions, using their higher level thinking skills?
  • Do they give students a sense of purpose?
  • Do they reach to the key concepts that are being taught?
  • Do the key questions fit the curriculum into the story in natural way?