8. Reflection and Assessment

Guiding Questions


  • Is the activity/reflection theory of learning used throughout the Storyline?
  • Is it a natural part of the topic work?
  • Does reflection involve the cognitive domain where students reflect on their learning process and product?
  • Does reflection involve the affective domain where students make connections to their own reality, thoughts, and feelings?
  • Do students broaden their reflections as they consider how to extend skills and concepts learned?
  • Does either the culmination (Storyline Filter #7) or the reflection provide the opportunity for students to share their learning and re-tell the story? (topic books, homefun cloze activity, etc.)


  • Has the teacher defined the goals of the topic work with desired outcomes as well content standards that will be addressed in the topic?
  • Has the teacher identified outcomes that are worthy of assessing and determined the forms of assessment?
    Is assessment varied and carefully planned?
  • Is assessment on-going and embedded in the topic?
  • Are students formulating and using their own criteria to judge the quality of a product?
  • Is student learning and assessment communicated to students and parents?