5. Rhythms and Rules

Guiding Questions


  • Have students built background about the daily lives of their characters through research, discussion and practical activities?
  • Have students envisioned their characterʼs way of life and defined patterns? (seasonal, weekly, daily, etc.)
  • Have the rhythms been designed to fit the unique narrative of the Storyline? (in a single episode, integrated within, or both)
  • Have students developed their own conceptual model of their characterʼs actions, thoughts, feelings, interactions, experiences, etc. within the rhythm cycle?
  • Do the rhythm activities allow for student speculation and anticipation?
  • Have teacher/students set criteria for quality work, with clear expectations for process and product? (structure before activity)
  • Does the Storyline offer choices for students to explore the daily rhythms of their characters using a variety of modalities? (art, drama, kinesthetic movement, etc.)
  • Did students develop and enrich the story by sharing their rhythms piece with their fellow characters in the story?

Rules (for some Storylines)

  • Has a question or problem led to a consideration of possible rules/laws or modes of behavior?
  • Have students created a list of valuable rules for their community, effectively exploring reasons and desired outcomes?