3. Setting

Guiding Questions

  • Does the teacher have a vision for the setting that incorporates the basic framework for story development, yet is open-ended enough for student input and ownership?
  • Do students participate in research, setting criteria, and development of frieze?
  • Is the frieze the studentsʼ own conceptual model?
  • Is it kid-generated and kid-constructed?
  • Is student ownership and pride evident?
  • Have prototypes and a best parts list been created?
  • Have teacher/students set criteria for quality work, with clear expectations for process and product? (structure before activity)
  • Have students critiqued and revised the frieze to promote quality?
  • Is the frieze is up and completed as soon as possible to keep the story moving and interest high?
  • Is the frieze is alive and continually growing and changing with the story?
  • Is it a working backdrop for incidents?
  • Does it provide a site for character interaction and story development?
  • Are writing, poetry, and vocabulary lessons included?