1. Story

Guiding Questions

  • Is the story focused with a clear main idea? Is it tightly woven and skillfully crafted?
  • Does it present a way of life to investigate?
  • Does it have an inspiring and inviting opening?
  • Does it unfold in an interesting way?
  • Is it motivating and meaningful to students?
  • Is it a story they care about?
  • Are they able to easily grasp and bond with the story?
  • Is it tailored to the conceptual development of students?
  • Can students clearly summarize the story and relate their characterʼs feelings and experiences?
  • Does it provide a structure and a logic to the developing topic-based work?
  • Does the story allow for rich character development and provide opportunities for students to tackle relevant problems and issues?
  • Does it present daily challenges for active and imaginative student involvement?
  • Does it allow for an in-depth study dealing with feelings (affective domain) as well as facts (cognitive domain)?
  • Does it allows for students to become actively involved, imaginatively and creatively?
  • Is the story designed to afford a balance between teacher control (teacherʼs rope) and student input in collaborative story making?
  • Does it provide meaningful structure for curriculum integration?