List of Art Techniques for Storyline Friezes

January 28, 2010

This is a list of art techniques that I have found useful for making Storyline friezes.  This list was complied at various Storyline classes and workshops.


1.            painted paper with tempera on butcher paper

– try using colored background paper

2.            crayon resist

3.            sponge paint on butcher paper or painted paper

4.            Seurat or VanGogh dots and lines

5.            rubbings

6.            color with crayon then crunch and wrinkle

7.            chalk on black paper

8.            tissue paper with starch

9.            cellophane

10.            3D

– using table to extend frieze

– extending things out from the frieze

– hanging things from ceiling in front of frieze

11.            torn paper

12.            mosaic with cut or torn paper

13.            papier mache

14.            wrapping paper

15.            photographs

16.            tyvek

18.            collage

19.            water color alone or with salt

20.            starch with Qtips on black or dark paper

21.            tempera paint with pastel texture

22.            printing

23.            wall paper

24.            splatter for texture

25.            painted bed sheets

26.            box  models

27.            home depot plaster

28.            powdered tempera

29.            liquid wall paper paste

30.            roofing paper

31.            painting both sides of the paper

32.            crumpled paper

33.            velum/onion skin

34.            raffia

35.            liquid hand soap plus tempera

*Various combinations of the above

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