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An image of the Castle frieze from the Knights Of The Roundtable Storyline Castle “frieze” from the Storyline.

Knights of the Round Table:  A Storyline

written by Colleen Vallerga

 Grades 2-4

Storyline Overview

The Storyline begins with a novel study of the King Arthur legend based on King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table by Estelle B. Schneider. The novel follows Arthur from his birth to his crowning as King and his marriage to Giunevere.  It ends as he is searching for exemplary knights to fill his Round Table.  While reading the legend, students create one of King Arthur’s castles and learn about life in medieval times.   Students then become knights-in-training and are given a list of tasks they need to complete before they can become one of the exclusive Knights of the Round Table.

Poetry/Writing Tasks  (generated by 2-3 grade students)

Ode to My Shield

Shield painted green and white

Like grass and snow

Protects me in battle

Is filled with sorrow

We won the battle 

Shield and I

But dented and bruised

I fixed it up

Shield looks happy

So am I

I put my shield next to my bed

And go to sleep.

Sir Marhault 

Dear King Arthur,

You don’t know one speck of me.  I am Wiley the chapel monk.  I pray day and night.  God tells me many things about wars and terrible things that have happened in our fearless land.

I am fair and caring.  I follow the rules of God.  I pray seven times a day, like the rules say, so I am good and holy.  I do everything the king says.  I help everybody in need.  I do the work I need to do.  I tell you if there is a battle or if there is something terrible happening.

The thing is, I really want to be a knight that is strong and willing.  I want to be a famous knight that never loses battles!  I want to be rich.  I want more fun than sitting in a chapel and praying.  I just want to impress you.

Your monk,


The tasks continue as they write stories, dance, draw, make music, and learn the positive character traits that every knight must have. The biggest challenge involves a quest on which the knights-in-training are to journey to a far land and bring back a legend for King Arthur and all the kingdom to hear.  In the end, the knights-in-training are all dubbed Knights of the Round Table by King Arthur.

Total Number of Pages:  142

One of the student's characters from the Storyline.

A drawing of knight's horse from the Storyline.

Standards and Instruction Covered

Common Core Language Arts Standards

Reading Literature

Key Ideas and Details

Craft and Structure

Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

Reading Informational Text  

Key Ideas and Details

Craft and Structure

Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

A sketch of a dragon.

Speaking and Listening

Comprehension and Collaboration

Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas


Text Types and Purposes

Production and Distribution of Writing

Research to Build and Present Knowledge



Social Science Standards (Oregon Department of Education) 


Civics and Government

Historical Knowledge

Historical Thinking

Social Science Analysis

Health Education Standards (Oregon Department of Education)   

Promotion of Mental, Social, and Emotional Health

Character Trait Education

Art Standards (Oregon Department of Education) 

Visual Arts





Four students dressed as knights.

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